Ceramic Veeners Sopron

Your teeth are damaged, discoloured? Do you want to hide smaller aesthetic imperfections?

The solution is here! We renew your smile with our ceramic veeners!

Venneers Sopron

Your teeth are damaged, discoloured? Do you want to hide smaller aesthetic imperfections?

The solution is here! We renew your smile with our ceramic veeners!


Gentle procedure

Teeth do not need intense grinding. 

Immediate solution

Direct layers are created on the day of treatment.


Their lifetime can be extended up to 10 years

Solution to have white teeth

If dental bleaching does not help.

About ceramic layers

Ceramic (porcelain) layers provide perfect solution for hiding smaller aesthetic surface defects on the teeth. A really cool advantage of the procedure is that the damaged tooth need no grinding. The layers offer a great solution for restoration and smaller shape correction of fractured teeth .

We recommend ceramic layer if your front teeth:

  • are discoloured, wore, fractured
  • have intense surface decay,
  • bleaching did not bring the expected results,
  • have gaps between each other and you wish to hide them,
  • you are not satisfied with their shape and you wish to change them.

If you said “yes” to any of the above mentioned phases, you are at the best place!

How ceramic layers are made?

We make the layers in modern dental lab with the help of experienced dental technicians. After the preparation of the tooth we make an impression which is later sent to the dental laboratory. Preparation is painless.

Layers get ready in 5 to 10 days and after they are glued to the prepared tooth with surgical precision. After that an extensive polishing takes place and then the beautiful smile is ready!

Steps of making ceramic layers:

1.Consultation and check-up.

2. Accepting treatment plan.

3. Preparation of teeth.

4. Making teeth impression which is sent to the dental lab.

5. Preparation of ceramic layers.

6. Testing and if everything is okay we glue the layers.

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Frequently asked questions about ceramic veeners

What is a ceramic veeners?
A precisely fitting little lamina made out of ceramic, which is glued to the external surface of the tooth (like the plastic nail tip is glued to the nail).
When do we use ceramic layers?
Generally it is the best solution to restore smaller aesthetic and shape defects of the front teeth and to hide smaller gaps between the teeth. Moreover, if bleaching did not have the desired results, probably layering will provide the solution.

Of course layering cannot be used in every situation. During the consultation we will inform you about your current teeth condition and we will tell which is the most optimal solution for you.

What advantages do ceramic layers have?
With this treatment there is no need of intense grinding of the teeth. Smaller aesthetic defects are perfectly restorable.
How long do ceramic layers last?
Generally they last up to 5-10 years, after they need to be replaced.
How long does it take to prepare the layers?
At least 5-10 workdays.
Is it going to be visible that I wear a ceramic layer?
Ceramic layers are extremely thin and have a great light transmission what makes them invisible for an unprofessional eye. Their shape is a 100% natural and they do not thicken the surface of the teeth. As for this, making ceramic layers is a very popular treatment in dentistry.

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Who will give your smile back?

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