Clear Aligners Sopron

Have you missed wearing braces in childhood?

With the Happy Smile® removeable clear aligners we can restore your smile without anyone noticing!

Very trendy procedure even among adults!

Clear Aligners Sopron

Have you missed wearing braces in childhood?

With the Happy Smile® removable aligners we can restore your smile without anyone noticing!

Fast procedure

Results even within 20 weeks.


The aligner is completely transparent.

You get used to it quickly

Approximately in 2-3 days.


Not more expensive than the traditional system.

About HappySmile® Clear Aligners

A classy, fast and affordable solution for anyone to have a nice and even smile. As for the material’s transparency it is completely invisible.

Due to the digital designing, wearing them is really comfortable. It is a really popular among adults, as it can replace braces that they have missed in childhood.

HappySmile® clear aligner system is a lot more efficient compared to traditional ones as it can move more teeth at the same time. For this reason we can reach the desired results twice as fast.

The system can be cleaned easily, thus the possibility of tooth decay is a 100% avoidable.

Functioning mechanism

HappySmile® system is a series of previously manufactured transparent trays, to which the computer codes small moving sections and strains. This is 100% personalized. With wearing each trays you go towards to have a perfect smile step-by-step.

With special 3D technology the software specifies how many trays will be necessary to reach the final result, thus expenses can be exactly calculated.  

A given aligner must be worn for 2 weeks. When wearing becomes too comfortable (there is no straining feeling anymore) then it is time to start wearing the new aligner (end so on…). 

Which one would you like to wear the most?

In which cases do clear aligners work?


Tooth crowding


Solution for open and closed bite


Narrow dental arch


Crossbite cases


Closing gaps between teeth

A great advantage of the HappySmile® system is it has no effect on our everyday life. You can do sports, have fun or consume any kind of foods and drinks.

You can take out the dental aligner any time, but make sure you wear it for at least 22 hours a day. With keeping the rules, you can have a perfect smile in even 20 weeks.  

No-obligation consultation and dental check-up is for FREE!

Why are you going to love your clean aligners?


Shorter treatment

Traditional braces: 1-1,5 years. With us it can be 20 weeks!

No danger of tooth decay

You don’t have to change your tooth brushing routine.

You can take it out any time

If you feel it necessary due to work or a date.

Planning ahead a 100%

You will know the exact price and time period before treatment.

Instalment is possible

You can pay the treatment when a new aligner is placed in.

You don’t have to say goodbye to your habits

You can eat or drink anything just as before.

Frequently asked questions about clear aligners

How many hours do I have to wear the aligners?
It is very important that the aligner must be worn min. 20-22 hours a day to certainly reach the desired results. In short, it is recommended to take it out during eating and teeth brushing. Of course you can take it out other times but the period must not exceed two hours.
How often do I have to go to controls?
Generally you will meet us in every 4-6 weeks, so we can track the development.
Which cases is it applicable?
It depends on how complicated your case is. If it is a simple deformity, then the HappySmile®  system is a great choice. However if the problem is more serious only the traditional system will be able to help.
Will it affect my speech?
Similar to other orthodontic treatments the tongue and muscles need 1-3 days to get used to aligners. When it happens speech will go back to normal and it will be almost unnoticed.

It is recommended to read out loud a longer article or poem to practice speaking with the trays at home, after you got your aligners. After 1-2 days you may still feel that you are lisping but your speaking partner will not notice it.

Can the aligners get discolored or broken?
Of course you will have to take care of them not to get damaged. This is why it is recommended to take them out while eating.
Will I feel pain?
In contrast to the activity of traditional braces (adjusting new position)  HappySmile® system has no problems like this as it works with smaller strains.

Therefore we may feel smaller pain and inconveniences in the first 2-3 days but is will not last long and wearing the trays will become more natural day by day.  

Why should you choose us?

Near to Vienna

Only 56 minutes by car.

Save up to 70%

With state-of-the-art quality.

Gentle hands

Painless treatments, stress-free environment.


If you honestly keep our regulations.

Who will restore your smile?

We have established our surgery in 2002 and ever since we helped several patients with the system of HappySmile® clear aligners.

We make advantage of our experience in the field of innovative new solutions.

We attend international conferences, courses and educations to keep our knowledge up-to-date.

You are welcome for a consultation!

Nándor and Carina.

Who will give your smile back?

Dr. Nándor Nagyi

Dental specialist

Dr. Carina Nagyi-Panicz

Dental specialist

No-obligation consultation and dental check-up is for FREE!