Combined dental prosthesis Sopron

Partial, full and combined dental prosthesis with outstanding stability and aesthetics.

Comfortable prosthesis with guarantee!

Combined dental prosthesis Sopron

Partial, full and combined dental prosthesis with outstanding stability and aesthetics.

Comfortable prosthesis with guarantee!

About prosthetic replacement

In our modern surgery we prepare the following comfortable and realistic dental prosthesis:

Fixed prosthesis (dental bridges)  to replace missing teeth.

Removable prosthesis

  • Removable partial prosthesis: these are being made if the number and location of remaining original teeth make impossible to implant fixed prosthesis. In these cases, the used fixing structures (precision attachments) provide invisible but stable solution.
  • Removable full prosthesis: Dentures.

Fixed and removeable prosthesis placed on dental implants. (Nobel Biocare All-on-4®, Denti® dental implants)

What possibilities do I have for prosthesis?

Replacement with dental bridge.

Dental bridges fixed with implant.

Fixing denture with 4 implants. (All-on-4®)

Partial denture that can be slipped.

Full removeable prosthesis. (Denture)

Why are you going to love your fixed prosthesis?


Great Comfort

It will not bother you in everyday life.


Will not move, fits perfectly.

Improves face aesthetics

The jaw gets into the right position.  

Clear speech

Correct phonation with the help of the prosthesis.

You can eat anything

Your chewing will good as new!

Not expensive

This is why it’s popular among the elderly.

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Frequently asked questions about dentures and prosthesis

Can you prepare a denture that is similar to my old, original teeth?
Yes of course. Our professional and skilled technicians are able to fulfil individual request on the highest aesthetic levels. May it be unique teeth colour, shape or human “imperfections” such as crowding or gaps. Our goal is to make the most original-looking denture possible.
How long does it take to prepare my denture?
Our surgery uses modern anaesthesia to make the treatment completely painless.

The whole process takes approximately 2-3 weeks.

Steps of denture making: 

  1. Consultation
  2. Impression taking (It is essential to have a correct impression, as the dental technician will prepare the denture based on it)
  3. We send the impression to the dental laboratory . (The dental technician prepares a denture with millimetre accuracy, which will perfectly fit upper and lower dental arches.)
  4. Bite registration. (Here we measure how the lower and upper jaws adjust to each other. This step requires great professionalism and experience as the dentist has to determine the original position of the jaws without the teeth. The goal is to provide comfortable moving space for the jaw joint muscles. It is also important for facial rejuvenation to place facial muscles into their original height.)
  5. Testing. (It will take place approximately after a week. Here, we will test the denture, but this one will be made of wax. We will have the opportunity to refine the aesthetics and the functionality of the denture. At this point we can change the colour and the shape of the teeth.)
  6. Handing over full denture. For the second occasion the complete final denture is prepared. Generally here we need smaller fixings to reach a perfect final results.)
What material is going to be used for my denture?

Base-plate of the denture is made of metal or special plastic (acryl). Acryl gives realistic, natural colour and shape for the teeth.

Will I have to use dental glue as well?

As we 100% personalize dentures in every case, you won’t have to use dental glue because of the perfect fitting. Of course it is recommended to use it at the beginning, just until you get used to wearing denture.

How long does it take to get used to my denture?
In the first couple of weeks you may feel it is more uncomfortable and bigger than it should be, but this will change with the passing of time. Patience has high importance during this period!  
Is it difficult to eat with denture?
The real goal is to replace missing teeth. So eating will be enjoyable again and your chewing will be restored. Hard and sticky food must be avoided, and in the beginning you need to eat soft food, so the denture can get used to it.   
Are fixed dentures better than the removable version?
Dentures fixed by implants offer bigger stability and more comfort. You can chew harder without the denture being moved.
What advantages fixed dentures have that removable dentures do not?
The biggest advantage is that they don’t have that big, horseshoe-shaped part at the palate. Thus it is more comfortable to wear and tasting improves. Besides implants provide stability during chewing.

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Who will give your smile back?

During our 15 years of practice we have prepared hundreds of removable and fixed prosthesis from partial to complete ones.

We have manage to build a great cooperation with our dental technicians, so work takes place quickly and perfectly.

We attend international conferences, courses and educations to keep our knowledge up-to-date.   

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