Conscious Sedation

Do you want a stress and fear-free treatment? The perfect solution is here!

Conscious sedation helps to release fear, so the treatment can take place between calm circumstances.

Conscious Sedation Sopron

Do you want a stress and fear-free treatment? The perfect solution is here!

Conscious sedation helps to release fear, so the treatment can take place between calm circumstances.



You won’t be afraid during treatment.


We involve an anaesthesiologist.

Time will fly

Several-hour procedures will seem like 20 minutes.

What is conscious sedation?


Nowadays, most of dental treatments are painless thanks to technology and our anaesthetic.

However, this fact does not calm down anxious patients: the sight of the dental chair and the fear of having pain can be so strong that general anaesthesia is not enough.

In this case we can talk about conscious sedation.

The point is to release fear and tension with tranquilizers.

Process of conscious sedation

After dental consultation the patient must undergo an anaesthesia examination. First, we put on the sensors for the measurement of physiological parameters and then in case of intravenous sedation we start dosing sedative and anaesthetic drugs to reach the desired effect. It can be combined with anaesthetic injection.

During the medical intervention, our anaesthetist continuously checks the vital sign monitor.1-2 hours after the sedation we keep the patient under observation, and when he/she gets completely conscious we send the patient home along with his/ her company. After sedation, driving is prohibited for 24 hours and decision-making is not recommended.

Other important things to know about conscious sedation


  • Intravenous anaesthesia can be more effective solution for anxiety than inhaling laughing-gas.
  • Patients must have their last meal 5 hours and their last drink 2 hours before the medical intervention.
  • Comes with a minimal risk.
  • Sedatives goes directly to the patient’s veins, thus we can reach an anxiety-free condition earlier.  
  • During sedation the patient is able to communicate with the doctor.
  • The patient gets into a state similar to shallow sleeping.

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Frequently asked questions about conscious sedation

Does conscious sedation come with a risk?
Neither intravenous anaesthesia nor inhaling laughing-gas has any risk, at least it is really rare that any complication emerges during the treatment .
During which treatments can it be used?
It can be used during dental treatments which are long-lasting and considered to be painful. During implant surgeries, extended surgeries and in those cases when the patient is anxious and less cooperative.
Will I be able to communicate with my doctor during treatment?
Yes.  The biggest advantage of conscious sedation is that you will hear and see everything but you will be unbothered by the treatment. The pharyngeal reflexes decrease , so you won’t feel implant and oral surgeries disturbing.
Is the presence of an anaesthesiologist necessary for conscious sedation?
Yes. Our surgery only entrust the sedation process to an experienced anaesthesiologist, thus providing the safety during the treatment. 
When can’t we use conscious sedation?
In case of current respiratory diseases and organic disfunction it cannot be used at all. In case a patient had a heart attack, the method cannot be used in the following three months. Besides during pregnancy and without proper accompany and home care the procedure is not recommended. 

Of course the anaesthesiologist will inform you in great details.

Will I feel bad after treatment?
After sedation we will keep you under observation for another 1-2 hours to make sure the effects of sedation are over.  Based on patient reports, 3-5 hour surgeries seem to be barely 10-20 minutes long as their sense of time weakens. In short, they will hardly remember anything.

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