Gnathology is the field of dentistry that deals with the function and structure of teeth and jaws. Knowledge in this field is essential for healthy teeth and jaws of patients.

During a gnathological examination, the dentist analyses the jaw movements and the chewing forces of the teeth to determine if they are normal. Abnormal chewing forces and jaw dysfunction can lead to gingivitis, wear and tear, headaches, tinnitus and other dental problems.

Gnathological therapy aims to improve the chewing surface, harmonise the temporomandibular joint, and strengthen the jaw muscles. The therapy also treats abnormalities of the temporomandibular joint and malocclusions of the teeth.

Treatment of the temporomandibular joint is usually done with the help of custom-made dentures, braces, braces, specific strengthening exercises for the jaw and other interventions. Gnathological treatment allows for painless chewing, more comfortable sleep, and proper oral hygiene.

If you experience regular pain in your mouth or other symptoms related to jaw pain, we recommend that you see a gnathology dentist. Starting gnathology therapy early can help resolve problems and contribute to long-term dental and jaw health.