Sinus lift Sopron

You don’t have enough cancellous bone for dental implants? The solution is here!

Sinus lift is being used during implant treatments!  

Sinus lift Sopron

You don’t have enough cancellous bone for dental implants? The solution is here! Sinus lift is being used during implant treatments!  

What is sinus lift?

Sinus lift is a surgical intervention when synthetic bone is put between the maxillary sinus and the upper jaw bone.

As the artificial bone needs enough space, the thin membrane of the sinus must be lifted. Sinus lifting must take place when there is no enough cancellous bone structure to place in the implant.

Thanks to oral surgeons, nowadays it is considered to be a routine surgical procedure. 

The process of Sinus Lifting

After the X-ray and CT scanning the specialist examines the given area, then with the help of the latest technologies provides a medical report. After, treatments starts.

The oral surgeon makes a groove on the gum to get to the bone structure.

After he opens the bone (frames a little “window”) to see the thin membrane which separates the sinus from the upper jaw bone. This membrane is pushed into an upper position to make enough space for the artificial material.

Then, this space is filled up with synthetic material, and closed with a special membrane and suturing. Healing can take up to even 4-9 month, implants will be built in only after that period.

The first consultation after surgery takes place 7-10 days later, this is the time of suture removal as well.

How does it look like and when do we need Sinus Lift?

We use several synthetic bone materials, these can be of animal (generally pig or cattle), human (taken from tibia or hip bone) or artificial (containing calcium and other elements that can be found in cancellous bone) origin or a combination of these.

This intervention is necessary if the upper jaw bone has not enough depth or the sinus is too close to the upper jaw bone.

In the following case sinus lifting can be necessary: mutation due to gingival necrosis, cancellous bone decay due to teeth loss, disposition of the sinus or the upper jaw bone.

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Frequently asked questions about Sinus Lifting

Is sinus lift painful?
Our surgery uses modern anaesthesia, so the treatment will not cause any pain. According to 98,5% of our asked patients, the procedure is painless. After the treatment you may feel smaller inconveniences, sensitiveness or gingival tumefaction, but these symptoms do not last long.
How much time has to pass to get the implants?
After sinus lift the given area may swell and some bleeding can also occur. For this matter the wound needs 7-10 days to heal properly, suture removal can take place only after. In the following month the patients can come to regular medical examination as it is important for problem-free healing. Implants can be placed in after 4-9 months.
What risks sinus lift have?
The main risk is that during lifting the sinus membrane gets injured. If this happens the doctor can suture the area. If it fails, we need to wait for the membrane to naturally heal, so the specialist ends the surgery immediately. If this happens another month is needed to repeat surgery. As the new membrane is always thicker than the previous, the second intervention is likely to be successful. As after every surgery, infection is also a risk but infection occurs rarely. If the synthetic bone does not get integrated, so if vascularization of the new area is not appropriate, placing an implant in is not possible. In this case the repetition of the sinus lift is recommended.
Does it have side effects?
Every case is different, please consult your specialist. The following side-effects are the most common:

  • Growing pain and swelling (these shouldn’t last more than 1-2 days)
  • Continuous bleeding (the wound should not bleed more than 1-2 days)
  • Continuous, vivid-red bleeding
  • Fever
Is it possible to have inflammation after surgery?
Yes. It is possible and your specialist may give antibiotics for prevention purposes.
Is there a guarantee?
Yes. There is a guarantee for the implants and for the treatment as well. However the guarantee requires hygiene regulations. We give you every information during consultation.
When sinus lift is necessary?
This intervention is necessary if the upper jaw bone has not enough depth. Therefore when the implant is placed in the maxillary sinus gets injured, so the sinus must be lifted. Such cases can be gum recession or tooth loss.

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